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Thread: Macer Cricket - bats any good?

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    Macer Cricket - bats any good?

    A friend of mine is raving about this new cricket company called Macer Cricket who are based in Somerset. They are new on the scene but he has bought their top of the range bat, the Macer Codex Elite, and also intends to buy the matching pads and gloves soon when they are ready for sale. Apparently the bats are all handcrafted from Wrights willow (?) in the South West.
    He loves his bat and says the ball absolutely pings, and i must admit it does look a great piece of willow. This has got me tempted to shell out too, but i am on here to see if anyone else has heard of Macer and/or bought anything from them? Here are a couple photos of my mates bat - what do you think....?

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    yeah i know the bats, a lot of the guys at my club have got them, very good value for money and amazing blades!!

    one of the guys even has a 3lb bat that is unreal, picks up so light and pings a long long way, he can now hit a very big ball!!

    Really good service and top blokes to deal with.

    Plus the bats look amazing, really nice willow!!

    A definate if it was me!

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    I had to google Spaxton as Id never heard of it and now I know it is near Cannington and Enmore. Now I feel much the wiser!
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