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Thread: Where do you stand in Gully?

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    Get close!

    I've been first choice gully fielder at my club ever since I broke into the 1st XI - and it came from what I was told at school - get as close as feels comfortable - then take 2 steps closer. I am usually a similar distance from the bat as the keeper (but our home pitch is a slow-low one so we're both pretty close). From there; the angle shouldn't matter too much. I take it you have decent reactions if they're picking you to field there - so just get close and cut down as much of an angle as possible. Catches are harder because you're so close, but 70+% of the stuff that comes through gully is played into the ground anyway, so just getting a hand/body in the way is saving your team runs.

    Also, I reckon the split is about 50/50 every game for stuff that I can actually stop/catch and shots that are out of reach - don't move or think about it if one goes past out of reach, unless your skipper has other ideas!! Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
    I'm pretty much the only person who plays cricket in my gully
    hindi/urdu speakers to appreciate this post

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    Gully is backward-bakward point imo.
    Quote Originally Posted by zaremba
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    I've been fielding there for 2.5 seasons now. I tend to follow NUFAN's advice (just mark a spot and stay there) . I have a pretty good sense what angle to stand on. A couple go wide or fine of me but most come straight to me. The reason why I have bumped this thread is that I have decided I will go finer for right arm round. My natural tendency was to go squarer but just through sheer weight of observations the catches seem to go a bit finer. I think my theory is that it is just harder for the batsman to catch a solid chunk of it due to the angle.

    My new issue is getting my stance right in gully. I am solid if it comes right to me - but I am having difficulty generating momentum to dive. Seem to get my feet stuck in one spot.
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