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Thread: Help! Very sore upper back.

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    Help! Very sore upper back.

    So the cricket season is over where I am and I got through the season well and bowled very well (by my standards) but now I have a very sore upper back. I bowled a ball last week and my back was agony then let it rest for a few days and then bowled again and again it was agony. Luckily the season is over and I can rest for a good 6 months but I am worried about this if I bowl again in April and it's painful. What should I do. Will this prevent me from bowling?

    P.S I am a leggie

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    Are also a blonde?

    But seriously, are you sure its not actually from rigorous sex with the missus?

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    why are you here on a cricket forum? You should see a doctor I think

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