Hi all, Im new here, ive attended my local village club net sessions recently, having no previous experience i was apprehensive to say the least. This was justified as i was rubbish, i didnt have a clue. Further more, i didnt receive guidance, help, or tips .... nothing. so im clueless and in the dark. Ive been some what put off buy this, and found the sessions intimidating and awkward. So ive not been for a good few weeks, how ever i do really want to play. So ive been looking for a 1 to 1 coach that can give me a few lessons, i found one in leeds..... 160 miles away. ive emailed but heard nothing back. this is proving to be an impossible task and if i do find a local coach they are only interested in kids and teens. So im running out of ideas..... wondering if anyone on here knows of a coach around Evesham area that can offer 1 to 1 to help me out. Otherwise ill be sticking to football. Hope you can help, oh.... im Kev by the way, im 27 and live near Evesham.