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Thread: Mongoose bat broken help!

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    Icon9 Mongoose bat broken help!

    Firstly hi all,

    I'm new to this forum, so bare with us. I just need advise on what options are available to me as the mongoose support, from what i've experienced so far have been frustratingly slow to respond.

    From the pictures enclosed you can see that the splice & bat has got a fairly significant crack across it. The bat is just over a year old and didnt expect anything like this to happen (in my short period of playing cricket). I'm not a slogger and prefer to play for the 1 & 2's, plus the fact I recently sent it to Mongoose Cricket to get it refurbished (thinking it would lengthen its life span) in April.

    The refurb took over a month, with numerous telephone calls, no returned calls when promised, not been able to locate my bat, slow replies to emails if at all etc etc. So my questions is; can this bat be fixed? From Mongoose website it states it can fix handles, but mine looks worse as the crack goes through bat too? I've asked them this same question, but you guessed it no response as of yet!

    Is this also something that should be covered by Mongoose? I'm just concerned, don't want to be throwing more money at this bat, if its only expected to last me another year. Its a pain as its the start of a new season and im out of a bat and don't want to wait month(s)!

    Should i admit defeat and just buy another bat (not a mongoose), but i do love the feel of it

    Thanks for any input...
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    I know you say it's gone through the bat, but from the pix you've posted it looks like it's just the handle that has the damage. In that case they would just replace the handle and it should be no problem. Bats generally come with a warrantee, normally 12 months.

    If you get a new handle it can sometimes be a lottery. It can be as good as new or not the same. Wouldn't be buying another bat yet though.
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    It's dead, will probably depend on when you bought it as to whether it'll be replaced.

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