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Thread: Women's cricket

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    Women's cricket

    I'm practically clueless on this one. In short, I've been watching cricket since I was little, but have never so much as played informally at a park or anything. I wouldn't be completely clueless with a bat or ball in my hand since I've watched so much, but I've never played, ever.

    However, I have only ever watched men's cricket. Being a woman myself, I would imagine the girls play at least a slightly different way than the men do, but have never seen women's cricket played (and if I had, might not be able to pick up the differences in play).

    What I was wondering if anyone could clue me in on any style differences, or gender difference aside, give me some useful advice for starting to play cricket as an adult. I want to play, and while finding a team is area-specific and I'm not asking for help on that, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out on what to do.
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    I have not observed Women's cricket except for on TV. The top players are all very good. From what little I have seen of woman's cricket at club level. There are some very good bowlers and then a variance in the batting abilities. Some good batsman and then some beginners. Yet everyone appears welcome and everyone is patient with everyone. So as a beginner you will fit in.
    Even though you know the game from having watched it - there is no substitute for playing. So you will have to be patient at first. My recommendation is to find a good bat you can purchase and then go along to the nets for a hit with a team mate and get some coaching and just do your best the first time. Then go home and practice all the shots you have seen on TV in front of the mirror. If you practice for 10 minutes every day in front of the mirror you will improve quite quickly (along with team practises and individual net sessions).

    Bowling is quite difficult for an adult to learn if you have never done it. Try practising your action at home in front of a video of cricket until you think you can do it well then turn up at the nets and give it your best.
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    My missus used to play to a reasonably decent level and there are some critical differences. The game is generally played at a slower pace. Bowlers are slower, batsmen hit the ball with less strength. All this is obvious, but it does mean that you can play differently to in men's cricket. If you get into bowling, concentrate on variations. Areas in women's club cricket that are generally very weak are running between the wickets and fielding. If you can do both of these to a good standard, you'll stand out from the crowd.

    There was a big difference between the UK and NZ as well. In the UK, most women players take up the game later in life - it's not really played at school - so the atmosphere is quite open and less cliquey than in NZ where teams seem to develop from the teenage years.

    Anyway, good luck.
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    Hi Tricia,

    Women's cricket exists at a social level, just in lower pacipation numbers. There is also no law stopping women playing men's cricket.

    As HeathDavisSpeed has said women's cricket is a bit slower, and they play some modified rules, but in general it would would be hard to spot the difference as a casual observer.

    Here in Victoria, Australia we have a great women's competiion with many teams, at every level.

    Good luck I hope you find a club near you.
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    If women's cricket is ever to provide any interest at all it needs a massive revamp. First on the list should be the uniforms. Something like this would be ideal:

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