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Thread: What was you first "real" cricket bat?

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    What was you first "real" cricket bat?

    Interested in hearing what people's "real" cricket bat was.

    When I say "real", I mean a bat used when you're padded up, wearing whites, facing a hard cricket ball.

    Mine was a Gray Nicholls single scoop, circa 1983, signed by Kim Hughes, size 5 because I was 11 years old.

    Then got a GN Dynadrive (double scoop) as a teen, a "cleanskin" Knights Sport bat and finally an SS Jumbo (quit outdoor 8 years ago due to back problems). The cleanskin was the best of the lot.

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    Used my friend's size 6 BDM Dynamic Power for a full year before buying a SG Sunny Tonny. Currently using a full size BDM DP, ****ing amazing bat

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    In order
    Excalibre (lance cairns style)
    Then a Duncan Fearnley - which I kept for years - eventually I lent it to a cricket noob so he could practice and he never turned up to a practice again.
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    First bat I used in a proper match was a 2002 (ish) Kookaburra Kahuna. Absolutely loved it, made me think I was Ricky Ponting, even though I couldn't hit anything...

    Couple of years later upgraded to a size 6 Kookaburra Diablo (?) Think the proper version was used by Damien Martyn at some stage.

    Then I ended up with a Duncan Fearnley bat of some description, which is now floating around my cricket club's storeroom somewhere. Pretty average bat, but did the job.

    Next came an unbranded bat that my Dad had reshaped and was signed by Mark Taylor. Gave it up pretty quickly, it was a touch too heavy for a 13 year old to use. Similar problem with the Newberry I was given, wasn't a good bat at all.

    Then I stole my Dad's Puma Tribute, alternating between that and last year's Gray Nicholls model, can't remember the exact name, but its the yellow one. The last 2 are the only ones I've ever passed 25 with...

    So yeah, there's probably 8 or 10 different cricket bats floating around our house.

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    Not sure if you can call it 'real', but my Malik Supreme. Lovely piece of wood, gonna use it for this season also, got 76 with it it is so nice. Fearnley factory is right in my Town, haha I hate Fearnley but everyone seems to like it
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    First bat I used was MRF Genius limited edition. It was amazing amazing amazing!

    I have probably bought 5 or 6 more MRF genius bats after the first one broke, but none of them have the right balance and punch in the upper middle area.

    Another MRF Genius Limited Edition is en-route. This time I paid someone to hand-pick the bat from India. Keeping my fingers crossed

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    Just give it a little tappy, a little tap tap-aroo.
    I had a Kooabura when i was around 10-13. One of those crappy, cheap types. I thought it was a really good bat but that's just because i had never really tried anything else. I then upgraded to a GM Purist Original. Needless to say i won two straight MVP awards after that.

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    Duncan Fearnley AB 205

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    My first cheap bat was a Slazenger V100 Colt. Next one after that was a Gray Nicholls Elite Extra Cover (which, at approx $150 was the cheapest English willow bat in the show). After that I upgraded to a Bradman (can't remember the actual sub-brand) at the end of 1992, and that's the last bat I actually bought. Acquired a GM Diamond off my mate who retired in the early 2000s, but lost it at indoor cricket a couple of years back.

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    What was your first real bat?

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