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Thread: What line to bowl to an attacking right handed batsman

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    What line to bowl to an attacking right handed batsman

    Hey guys,
    Just wondering what tips you could give me on where to bowl to an attacking right handed batsman who has the upper hand on the opposition.
    Thanks for your help

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    Bowl to his weakness/bowl to a field.

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    Uhh you need to provide slightly more information than that.. where is he striking the ball, what kind of shots hes playing, his footwork, etc etc.

    Tend to find if you slow down the game when you're getting dominated, wickets do fall. Opposite when you're doing well, get through your overs quickly.

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    Ok a bit more info would be great.

    Depends where you are in the game.

    Being a pace bowler, aim for maidens.
    Bowling full will give you a bigger chance of getting him out because the wickets are in play.

    just dont bowl half voleys or short. they will spank you if you do.

    Vary the pace aswell.
    have atleast 2 slowerballs and cutters up your sleave.

    float it up there, draw him in for the big hit that goes straight in the air or stumping.

    Spinners really have to rely on good areas and the amount of turn they get to stop runs and take wickets.

    I hope this helps
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    IF he is just smacking you everywhere - just bowl back of a length outside off stump and set an off side field.
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    On many occasions, it is about the length moreso than the line. Dont make it easy for him. Batting depends on getting forward or back. Hit that legth where they cannot easily and confidently move early then that is half the battle.

    People love putting the front foot down the track and hitting through the line. In those situations I am not going to allow it.

    When someone is going after me then I am looking at around 6 inches outside and above off stump. You can still go for runs but it increases the difficulty. Than mix up the pace occasionally with the occasional yorker.
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