The UK Conservative Party is running its social action project 'Umubano' in Rwanda for the fifth year in a row. The project sees dozens of Conservative Party MPs, staff and activists spend two weeks volunteering on a variety of projects - teaching, medical work, business advice, charity consultancy and sports coaching - to leave a small but lasting legacy in a developing country.

Last year two FA qualified coaches ran a football coaching project for a large group of Rwandan teenagers. This year the aim is to have an equivalent cricket project. Cricket has only existed in Rwanda for ten years but is increasingly popular, particularly amongst girls. Some of the facilities are not great but there is tremendous enthusiasm, not to mention genuine raw talent.

If you are an ECB qualified coach and would be interested in taking part this year, in the last two weeks of July, do watch the following video and for more information get in touch with, or visit The Conservative Party | Get Involved | Social Action | Project Umubano

YouTube - Project Umubano