Hello cricketers

I am want your help. I am a graphic design student in Sheffield, and i have been given the task to design packaging for the gloves, pads and bats for Gunn and Moore.

I would like to ask you the people who use the equipment a few questions to help me with my task.

Would putting packaging on the bats for protection put you of testing/buying the bat?

Would you mind if you had to take the bat in and out of the packaging to test it, or would it be better if you could test the bat while in the packaging?

How much information about the bats would you like to see on the packaging?

As for the gloves and pads do you reuse the bags that they are packaged in?

Would you like to be able to see the product within the packaging?

And any opinions/improvements you maybe have about current cricket equipment packaging

If you could please reply with you answers and opinions as soon as possible.
Thank you.