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Thread: Cricket Matting Alternative

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    Cricket Matting Alternative

    Hi All

    I've just started playing cricket properly last year and i actually have a long enough drive way for some practice at home.

    I have a set of spring loaded stumps but would like some advice as to what can be used to simulate cricket pitch surface rather than paying top price for proper cricket matting which is a bit overkill for what i want to be doing.

    would a certain type of carpet for example do it? or what ever can be suggested.


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    A couple of ideas - If you're practicing on concrete, you might find the answer (if you're only bowling) is to use Hockey Balls as they're the same size and weight and being plastic they soon rough up and become easy to grip and put spin on them. The bounce properties are similar to a cricket ball too. If you can try and get the dimpled 'Atta' brand. If not any old ones will do.

    Carpet - cheap old student house type carpet 3.99 a yard stuff. You only really need it to protect the balls.

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