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Thread: Is it too late to start again.

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    Dec 2010

    Is it too late to start again.

    Hello all i just joined this amazing forum and i have a question.

    my particulars
    age 25 yr 4 mnths
    height 5'11
    weight 71 kg(i am 70kg since 17)
    People used to tell me that i bowl at exceptional pace when i was like 17.

    Stopped playing at 19, ie in 2003, however used to bowl at home a lot(got a kinda big home to sustain my bowling fitness and pace)

    I continously played cricket till 2006 with 3 to four months brakes.

    However in 2006 i left and again i started some days ago say start of december 2010

    Now my question is that i found is that it looked that i was not even half fast as i was before like about 4 and half years ago. I felt so weak in my legs and shoulders and wrists. I couldnt jump well like i used to. I was kinda dissapointed with myself. I found myself heavy although i havent lost weight and i can always run 5 to 6 miles in any season within at about 5km/hr.

    Now what i want to know is that whether all this is normal and with the passage of time and working out i will get my pace back??? coze i dont have any injuries!!

    I mean imran khan become a fast bowler in his late 20s so can i??? am i right

    And any suggestion for exercises

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    Come on guys anyone??

    Come on guys anyone should reply??

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    Probably not too late, but you need to be able to do more than just bowl fast. What's your batting like? Where do you like to field?

    Your pace (if you still have it) will start to go soon whatever you do.

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    my batting

    i bat really good when there is no pressure thats how my batting is
    I know that a fast bowler is on a decline after 29-30.

    However you said that i have to do more than bowl fast. so whatelse should i do to regain me pace??


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    You are not close to being heavy so no reason why you can't get your jump and pace back..its only about net practice and bowling as many overs as possible.

    I always agreed with Waqar, who said a bowlers best work out is bowling itself...going to gym or stiffing out your muscels doesn't mean you will bowl fast or accurately.

    I would say bowl as much as possible in the least 10-12 overs a will have your pace and fitness back in no time....

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