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Thread: LBW Victim

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    Your right about the batting becomes easy after putting the hours part, over the last four years I have put in a few thousand hours in very good company and from absolutely nothing,
    And I have been deeply involved with this game for a long time and I have learnt from very knowledgeable people, so yes I am no Ricky Ponting but I do know what I am talking about,

    For the last three years I have trained on average four-five hours a day and believe me you name it I have tried it every type of bat-lift, trigger, technique, side-on, open chested whatever, you name it I have tried it,

    But you know the biggest mistake I made, the one very good point you made about just getting really good at hitting the ball first both front and back foot without thinking about all the other BS, that is the one thing I did not do, and which is why I struggled, it is a see ball hit ball game, so yes you are right about that, that is something I never did, I never thought it was important to watch the ball, today I have learnt the hard way and I never went very far, now it is coming to me because I did not give up

    Today I have gone past the stage where I think about my bat coming straight or my head position or any other stuff like that, I have a whiplash effect in my batlift, which picks my bat up almost from third man or even wider but it comes properly in the end, today I do not think about these things, Today I am focusing on the performance aspect.

    But as far as the complex part goes, It is the ones who find a simple method to find it easy, It is as simple as you make it, you judge the length / line and simply hit through the line as close to the body as possible, that is all, easy to explain and easy to train but it takes a lot of pain to master as I am sure you know!
    But batting is about keeping things simple not making it sound like astro physics,
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    The Ponting comment was a whimsical quip at your original problem, which sounds very similar to Ponting's recent problems!

    I'm not saying it's easy to become a good batsman or that being able to hit the ball cleanly guarantees results. But until you can give yourself a 90+% chance of hitting the ball cleanly and with sound technique, you are never going to produce anything consistently.

    Too many people think about run scoring and hitting the ball hard, and batting technique should not be based around those things. You play good cricket shots, the runs come as a result.

    Without watching you bat for a few deliveries, I wouldn't like to give a conclusive problem solving solution, but I say learn to hit the ball well and then look to change or re-build a technique. You can't re-build anything on dodgy foundations. Otherwise, just go out, have some fun and don't expect amazing results long term.

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