I recently purchased a Pro Tec protective facing sheet for one of my bats from an Intersport shop, expecting it to be a half decent product from a well known sports equipment supplier and, I have to say I'm not impressed but, unfortunately it was the only one I could get in the whole of Norwich city centre, and I didn't realise how crap it was until after it had been on my bat for a few weeks.
The sheet is not like a normal facing sheet at all, its not stretchy and plyable as one would expect, and the adhesive is going to give me nightmares at the end of the season (see thread "Sticky cricket bat"), also after just two matches and three net sessions the edges of the sheet have split, so I had to put f/g tape over the edges of the sheet to protect the protective sheet, which to my mind is a bit daft.
I will not buy one these again and I would recommend no one else does either (enirely up to you though, just my opinion), I wouldn't even use these as sellotape!!