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Thread: Sticky cricket bat!

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    Sticky cricket bat!

    I fitted a protective facing sheet to my new bat at the start of the season. When I applied it I found the adhesive to be quite sticky (as adhesive should be) and messy but, when I lifted the sheet off the bat to reposition it, most of the glue stayed on the bat. I'm guessing that this is going be a nightmare at the end of the season when I come to clean it up and prepare it for next season. How do I get this nasty stick glue off the face of my bat, without causing any damage to the willow?

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    Clean it with some cotton and kerosene. Worked for me. But then, I didn't care if something happened to my cricket bat.
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    Yeah, you shouldn't take the sheets off without warming up the glue. You probably won't be able to get it off without lifting the willow now.

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    Thanks Shri but, tbh I'm not too keen on the idea of using kerosene on a 200 bat.
    Good idea Marcuss that will certainly help but, I'm fairly certain there will still be some glue left on the blade that will need to be removed.

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    Just sand the glue off it doesn't damage the bat I had to do it when I removed the scuff sheet from my GM.

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