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Thread: Problem with bowling consistently straight...

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    Problem with bowling consistently straight...

    I've been playing cricket for years now, mostly uncompetitively and about 6 or 7 games every year in the summer for a church team. I bowl a conventional 'fast bowling' action and believe I have got a natural action for bowling... Of late, however, maybe two or three balls in an over i've been dragging quite badly to the offside. I'm thinking it must have something to do with my action... I realise that without seeing any footage or anything of me bowling it's hard to give tips but I have a few questions after analysing my action.

    Firstly, during release should I be looking to keep my head looking at the batsman still or should it roll down with my arm?

    Secondly, what's the best way of measuring a run up? I've found that whenever I get my run up slightly wrong, I'm not sure if it's mental or anything, but I tend to drag it wide.

    Lastly, I've noticed my arm comes down in a slightly 'diagonal' way like this: / . Is this an obvious pointer to the problem and if so is there anyway of rectifying it?

    I'd appreciate any help you can give,
    Thanks very much,

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    I've a game on tuesday so would appreciate any help!

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    Generally I look at the spot I want to hit on the pitch, not the batsman, when running in. I keep looking at that spot basically throughout the delivery. As for run up, I've always paced it out but I think you should first try running from a set point and delivering when you feel comfortable. Then measure this distance (either in paces, or with a tape measure) and make sure you stick to it. If you have consistency in the length, rhythm and pace of your run up then you've won half the battle I think. Then it's down to your action at delivery.

    Now, even in the first game of the season, I know I can measure out 14 paces + 5 for the walk up to the mark and know I'll arrive at the crease with no worries about being where I want to be. If something goes wrong and you're stretching to get to the crease then stop...I also find I drag it down if I get out of rhythm and am short of the crease.

    I've found that if you get the little things right then it's much easier to be consistent. I say this having not seen your action though, if your arms flail about like a windmill then it's likely none of the above will help accuracy
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    Take up Malingas technique. Worked a treat for me

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    Funnily enough I was likened to Malinga when I was younger... Like to think I've tamed myself somewhat since

    Thanks for the tips, I'll report back later in the week if I get any figures of worth!

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