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Thread: Bellingham smith cricket bats

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    Bellingham smith cricket bats


    Does anybody has some experience with Bellingham Smith bats?
    A colleague from SA, who I met this week, wants to send me one as he's as well into cricket.

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    I have seen many makes from many places but never Bellington Smith.
    many of my friends have got weird sponsorships like thumper, , island, Terriorize and of course the mongoose!

    I would advise anyone to take a look at Milichamp and Hall as they have some of the most beautiful bats, every bat they make is as good as as the last, i'm going to get a soloution for use in the nets as it is a lush and a brilliantly priced bat.

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    My friend has one and i think its a great bat i dont know wich one he has but its so nice i played a couple of matches with it and its really light and has a great sweet spot

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    its called Bellingham and Smith and they are AWWWWWWESOME bats

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