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Thread: Slazenger Air Blade Bats any good?

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    Slazenger Air Blade Bats any good?

    Slazenger Air Blade Bats are they any good? i know they are very light but does this make them a weak bat that wont last as long like other bats?

    Im thinking about buying one

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    U19 12th Man Amobokobokoboko's Avatar
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    I remember most people where quite positive about them last year.
    Amobokobokoboko envolved in the noble game of cricket

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    School Boy/Girl Cricketer Seanyjb10's Avatar
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    From what iv heard no. My coach had one
    and found it really bad. Also after 1 month it
    broke in two!

    If you're gonna get a bat like that get a gray
    nicolls 20 20 bat it looks awesome!

    Aim low to avoid dissapointment P.R Hawkes

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