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Thread: Batting

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    Hello CricketLovers,
    I m 15 years old and i love to bat and i ve been playing cricket since 2003... Since around 1 year i ve been facing a prob to play against the spinners because i kinda always try to cut them on the Backfoot even on balls which are fuller than a ball u could/can cut.... Just like Faisal Iqbal did against Nathan Hauritz in the 2nd Innings in the first Test. Means I preferre to play @ the Backfoot most of the Times which destroys my Batting.... Please tell me how I can change this! How can I come back to my frontFoot. And I also know that I m Xtremly good at the Frontfoot-....

    Please Help!

    Thanks in advance

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    I'd suggest you grab a mate and head off to the nets and ask him to throw a couple down to where you want it (in this case full) and make him then sorta mix the length-width etc and after a while ask him to bowl propperly and you will eventually get used to playing and then you will keep on batting untill you get used to playing front foot and it will come.
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