Hi guys,

I might repeat myself but the past months have been very chaotic with studying and sorting out all ind of administration so I neglected my cricket a bit, altho I tried to follow all international games.

Recently I met a guy who recommended a custom made bat, he passed me a link to a forum where I found 8 bat makers of whom 5 of them really pulled my attention.

If I would skip this idea I would just go an try to pick a GM Flare, Icon, Hero DMX 808 ( one of those 3) as the design really looks incredibly nice.

So my question is; does anybody has some experience with custom made bats?
Do you think it's a good investment as in May 2010 I will start only my second season.

The bat makers are all based in the UK and prices vary from £ 100 -£ 250. My budget would be around £ 160 now but can go up.

What would you advice. I'm also thinking of taking my game to a next level by training more and learning as much as possible.