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Thread: Off Season maintenance

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    Off Season maintenance

    HI guys,

    My indoor practice starts in January, by then I will not have used my bat for 4 months.
    Do you think it's a good idea to oil it and knock it in before I start the indoor season?

    Amobokobokoboko envolved in the noble game of cricket

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    If it's a knocked in bat already I find a tiny bit of oil on the face is enough. 5 minute job then let it dry.
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    u should probably put the bat in ice for a day or so before u do anything. that will help break the atoms down in the wood and it'll be easier to knock it in afterwards

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    For the knocking in depends where you have kept the bat. If you have kept it in a damp wet place it should require about 30 mins ( i know soz!) or more.

    The damp would have got into it and caused the willow to expand.

    if in a dry place around 5-10 mins (not 2 bad!)

    The willow would still have expanded but not as much as a wet place.

    oil it but not too much.

    hope i help

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