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Thread: Putting Backspin on the ball

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    Putting Backspin on the ball

    Does putting backspin on the ball when fast bowling give more bounce, or does it make it skid? ive never really noticed when i try with or without cause its usually under match conditions but other than needing backspin to swing the ball, does it also make the ball bounce higher if i just keep the seam straight and put backspin on the ball?

    also, do you guys flick the wrist downwards when swinging the ball to get backspin?ive heard different opinions; some keep their wrist locked upwards, others make it go from upwards to a downwards flick.

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    I'm a Wrist Spinner but I bowl different variations of the Flipper including a couple of back-spinning types see YouTube - someblokecalleddave1's Channel and my observations suggest that it has a tendency to skid in lower, but then depending on the condition of the wicket sometimes the opposite does happen.

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