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Thread: How to play off spin?

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    Icon5 How to play off spin?


    I am wondering if anyone can help me?

    I open the batting and aim to bat through and i can play pace well.
    But when it comes to the spinners i tend to struggle. Against leg spinners I play ok as i am an off side player. But when an off spinner comes on I usually get out either playing stupid shots or bowled

    Any tips to help?

    Any will be appreciated cheers

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    Look at the field and work out where the singles are. Focus on getting singles.

    Try to work with the spin.

    If you are on the back foot, move right back onto your stumps. This is crucial, it allows you time to place the ball, and hit it hard if its a bad ball.

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    Getting right back is a great tip. As is playing a long way forward when you do go (but not lunging, lead with the head).

    If you are right handed the best areas to score are in an arc between mid-off and midwicket. That way you can play with the spin with a straight bat, controlling where you place the ball with your wrists.

    the best way to improve this is to work on your on drive.
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    All players are different and you probably need to find your own way to deal with them, though I completely agree that working the ball for singles, getting well forward and fully back are essential.

    Once you are comfortable judging the length early and making a decision where to go, I find it key to disrupt an offspinner as early as possible. I have found that if the ball is full enough to dead bat with a straight bat then I can probably go back over the bowlers head and if it is fractionally shorter (but still a front foot shot) then I will look to sweep (either lap or slog sweep).

    I find that every defensive shot to a ball that isnt perfect is an opportunity wasted. Offspinners are there for the taking as long as a) you dont do anything stupid b) the pitch isnt turning square and c) you dont allow them to dominate you early.

    It doesnt mean that every dot ball is a failing (as you can hit fielders, a great ball can be bowled) but you must look to make the offspinners margin for error as small as possible. Do not allow him to develop a rhythm

    It may be a dated adage but I still dont like cutting the offspinner. It is a tough shot to execute and you can easily get cramped for room.

    Offspinners can deadly in their own environment so you shouldnt fight them on their terms. Dictating terms to an offspinner (not allowing them to settle, breaking up their length, being aggressive in your comfort areas) is the key to success. Sure they may occasionally get you out but in the long term this is, IMO, how to treat them.
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