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Thread: What does it takes to be a good coach

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    What does it takes to be a good coach

    Hi guys,

    After this weekend I had some doubts about a guys I know who coaches a youth team ( u15) I reckon. I know being a coach is more than just explaining techinque, tactics etc... But also man management.

    So I 'm just wondering, do you need to be a good player to be a good coach ( having some credits with your XI)

    To continue my story, that guy is a wicketkeeper, pretty good one but his batting is poor.
    Always playing defensively as well in league as friendly scoring a max of 2 runs a game, where I score more runs

    So what's your opinion about it, I'm not dissing this guy. I do realize that if he knows how to teach it to the kids and they like it it's all good. But the element of being a decent player would be an added value.
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    Interesting thought, i completely agree with your perspective

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    Short answer is no.

    Long answer is still no - but it does make things easier for you. Improving your coaching, however, does improve you as a player, and that in turn opens up new points of view in your coaching, which in turn improves things further.

    The key points of coaching include being able to communicate efficiently and to gain a trusting relationship with your players. Providing accurate technical demonstrations is another part of coaching - but it doesn't have to be yourself that provides them. You can use stills, videos, or other expert performers: the coaching is the process of getting the kids towards that expert model. You can provide a great technical example, but if your idea of coaching is yelling at a ten year old because he's not moving his feet, you won't get anywhere. You need to be able to break down his mistakes: what's set it off? Backlift? Stance? Grip? Head and shoulder position? Then you need to explain to him what will improve the process, and increase his confidence.

    I know the square root of naff all about rugby union technique: all of the backs in the school side that I take (effectively U13 7th XV) can pass more efficiently than I can - but because I have experience of working with children, motivation and communication, and I'm not afraid to use them as demonstrators and almost co-leaders, we all get better. That's another thing about coaching: you never stop learning - I've had the privilege of working with some superb Level 3 and Level 4 coaches and every session I assist in makes me a better coach.
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