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Thread: Bowling Action- Help

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    Bowling Action- Help

    Hey guys,

    Im a newbie here. Basically, I used to have a nice smooth bowling action but recently, nothing seems right. I know theres a lot of energy leaks so was wondering if you guys could help me out. Below is the link of my action (which includes slow-mo as well). I'm not actually bowling a ball but just going through my action (as that's what i usually do to get my rhythm back). Thanks.

    YouTube - Kevin's Bowling Action PC

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    What problems are you having?

    I'm guessing consistency. The main thing I see is that your bowling arm comes across your body (gets in front of your left shoulder) in your coil up. Your arm then goes on an angle out the right side of your body and you get slightly round arm. I would suggest that you practice getting your bowling hand going up in front of your right shoulder or next to your chin, this should straighten things up.

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    My advice would depend on how long you've been bowling for.

    If you're a REAL newbie, like less than a season's experience, just keep on bowling. Learn to recognise when you get things right, and remember the way your body felt. Also, remember what things feel like when they're wrong. I think that will sort out a few of the issues you're having.

    If you're a bit more experienced than that, there are a few things I think you can work on.

    Firstly, your arm comes over at a strange angle. It strays out to the right then over the top. I think you have to make your mind up if you're going to bowl with a round arm, a high arm, or in between. I would suggest a lowish arm, as it's better for shoulder health.

    You're a front-on bowler, so you really have to make use of your upper body. At the moment, it seems like you're a bit eager to bowl: I would have you 'sit back' a bit in your action to help stretch your muscles out before you bowl. Think about keeping your bowling arm as far back from your hips as possible, or think of your hips 'running away' from your shoulders.

    If you can film yourself again, have a look for a reverse C being made with the arm, torso and leg when your front foot lands. If you can do this, you'll be alright.

    If you have any questions, please email me at

    I've got some articles on Cricket coaching, fitness and tips | PitchVision Academy about the research i've been doing on bowling, have a look and see if they help. If you're confused about anything, email me!


    The only way to get fit for cricket

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    it comes from the time duration of playing.

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    Out of the many posts, this one attract my attention. I believe it is possible for anyone to participate.
    Excellent ! I like it very much.

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