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Thread: Batting in Matches

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    Batting in Matches

    Okay, well in nets I am a very capable batsmen, I look good technically, and look better than my team mates and friends, but I just can't seem to convert this to matches. In paticular I have a friend/teammate who dosn't look all that capable in nets, but makes 50 after 50 in matches. But when I bat in matches I always get out cheaply. I am an aggresive batsmen, and seem to be able to do it in 20/20 cricket, but when it comes to 50 over cricket, I just can't stay in. I am often out caught, rarely anything else, have NEVER been out LBW after 5 years of playing cricket.
    I am mainly a bowler, but have always fancied myself as a batsmen.

    I know the thing to do is get my head over the ball and play it along the ground, but it never seems that simple.

    Does anyone have any advice for me?


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    I would ask your coach to analyze your games and ask him what he thinks the problem is.

    To give a very stupid example; on practice I also hit very easily 6's etc... but during a game I'm normally batting 6 or 8 so whenever there is a spinbowler I'm LBW'ed 9/10. So I decided to wear my glasses to have a better look at the way the ball came to me and it really helped.

    My coach was joking all the time about my glasses but it really helped.
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    i found this out the hard way,
    the best way to tacle a full ball, is by forgetting what type of drive you will need. if its full, just get your foot to the pitch of the ball, get ur head over were u make contact, and as u are walking back to your crease THEN u identify wat drive you did.

    for back foot shots, i go by
    "if its worth slogging, its worth slogging hard" and "if its not worth the energy, il touch it onto the floor" pretty much self explanitory. so either way u wont get caught cos uv either got it over the ropes for 6 or 4, or ur safe cos its bounced not far away from were u hit it.

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    what no do u bat?

    I had a similar problem 2 years agoi looked a touch player in the nets but in matches i would lose my mind a bit and get out being stupid!

    u need 2 get urself in b4 u play the shots a couple of defensives and leaves and look at the bowler; the swing, spin does he bowl it short, full. Once u know a bit about him then u can start playing ur shots and then batting should be easy....... you hope!!

    another tip is to wait 4 the ball 2 come do you get urself out caught mostly perchance?

    hope i help m8

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