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Thread: Grip- holding a bat

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    Grip- holding a bat

    Hi guys

    I wanted to know what are the pro's and cons of holding a bat with both hands apart i.e. one at the bottom of the bat and one at the top.

    I hold the bat this way and i know most players hold the bat with both hands close together.

    but what are the negatives of holding the bat with the hands apart.

    thank you

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    More likely to dominate with the bottom hand which means less control of the blade and hitting the ball in the air, would stick em together if I were you.

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    TBH I did this for a long time before I realised it was probably a contributing factor to me being rubbish with the bat, so am trying to change it. I'd change it now just because like Hoggy said, you get way too bottom-handed, and I imagine it'd be easier to change earlier than later.
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    believe it or not i have never had a problem scoring runs like this, im actually one of the leading scorer's in my league which is of a very good standard.

    i just wanted to know the pros & cons because you can always look to improve as a batsmen.

    thank you guys

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