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Thread: A little bit of advice.

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    A little bit of advice.

    Hello, im a pace\off\leg spin bowler, oh and i bat at no 3. My jack off all trades ability helps me be picked for my schools 1sts, however i feel i need to specialise in one area to give my self the best chance of improving. I also play for a mens team where i primarily bowl off spin but have bowled pace recently. A little bit about each bowling type : pace- i bowl wih a slingy action, generate good pace for my size, but i am quite short, natural inswing action. Off spin - i tend to bowl quite quick, and rely on subtle changes in seam position to get extra\ less spin. Leg spin - only one season off doing this, lots of wickets but not economical, toss it up, they get them selves out. Any advice would be usefull, thaks.

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    Leg spin is a difficult art to master and you can be erratic for a long time before you get the knack of it and even then, you will find that on days you can't land the ball on the spot you want or are not getting the perfect bounce. It is an attacking form of bowling like fast bowling but is tough. If you are getting wickets bowling leg spin, don't stop trying as it can be rewarding in the long run.

    As you mentioned that you are short, fast bowling may not be right for you if you can't garner enough pace. So give that up if it is an option you don't see as a long term one.

    Off spin is comparatively easier to do but won't get you many wickets except if you are very good at it. It is some thing you can keep on bowling along with leg spin and decide what's best for you a bit later on.

    Don't give up on batting entirely as it is always useful if you can score runs. Adds to your worth as a cricketer.

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    Oh i will never give up batting, as i am primarily a bats men, i bat no 3 for both school and mens team. I just want more dimensions to my game, i aspire to be a batting all rounder, like luke wright but probably never as good.

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