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Thread: Canterbury of New Zealand gear

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    Canterbury of New Zealand gear

    HI guys,

    Just came back from London where I really had a blast playing the game.
    One of the guys I met told me that Canterbury of NZ started a own cricketline this season ( what already knew) but that they also will release some bats.

    I checked their site:

    Canterbury of New Zealand - Cricket Range

    But at this stage it's under maintenance.
    I'm thinking of getting a CCC bat if it's not too expensive and the quality is good, does anybody know if they have bats in their range?

    Amobokobokoboko envolved in the noble game of cricket

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    They did bats a couple ago which were made by Warsop. The pads and gloves were licensed from a company called Ayrtek.

    Canterbury aren't doing cricket anymore so the pads and glove designs have reverted back to Ayrtek and bats are hard to find but can still pick them up from a few retailers.

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    I saw one bat; Wepon at the direct cricket site, but out of my budget tbh.

    Will do some more research.


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