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Thread: New cricket gear for the new season

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    New cricket gear for the new season

    Do you guys normally buy new cricket gear for each new season? Like update stuff, get new stuff, replace stuff, etc. Not just fully get a new kit.

    This season, I'm looking for the following.

    -New shirt
    -New pants x 2
    -New helmet
    -New gloves if these ones wear (already showing signs)
    -New shoes (x 2 if I make rep - then I would need rubbers and spikes)

    What is on your list this season?

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    I update bat every 2/3 years, so got a new full size last weekend, which should last me a while. Also need all the cholthes, shoes, etc. due to growth over the off season. Also my clubs playing shirts change nearly every season whick is a pain in the ass.

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    I'm planning of getting a new bat in December ( our off season) a second white shirt ( as this season I sometimes played on Saturday and Sunday and I wasn't that keen on washing it every day) as well a new pair of shoes.

    shirt and shoes will be bought this week when going to the UK.
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