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Thread: Cricket Bat Maintenance

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    Cricket Bat Maintenance

    This isn't a topic asking for advice this is a topic giving advice to anyone buying a new bat or has an old bat. You shouldn't need this if your bat is performing well and fairly new.
    At any time your bat could get damaged it could be your fault or it could just happen like any other bat would eventually.
    I put this kit together for bat damage.
    When you buy a bat or when your bat starts to get damaged you should perchase these items just to help support and strengthen your bat.
    Linseed oil. Always oil your bat when you purchase it.
    Fine Sand paper. When your bat starts to get marked or when you remove a anti-scuff sheet you will need to lightly sand off a layer of the blade just until the marks or splintered wood have gone.
    Bat Tape. This is fibre glass tape which you can put over cracks and damages on your bat to strengthen it.
    Ball/Bat Mallet. When you buy a bat hit the bat blade with this to help stop any damage to the face of the bat.
    Grips. Buy a grip of your choice of colour incase the grip on the bat tears so you cannot use it.
    Grip changer cone. Use this to replace the grip on a bat.
    Toe Guard. Put this on the toe of your bat if it doesn't already have one to help stop any damage to the bottom of the bat.
    Anti-scuff sheet. This will further protect your bat. You can clean this with water and a little bit of liquid soap.
    Hope this helps.
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    All of this can bought in a big pack together for about 20. Ask me for details on where to buy.

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