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Thread: Any tips on how to make a leg-break spin more

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    Any tips on how to make a leg-break spin more

    Any tips?

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    Turn the wrist more.

    The run up, especially approach to the crease, is important, but not crucial. Read PitchVision there are lots of articles which talk about this. The hips and chest drive is important, as with many other things. I'm no xpert, I've only bowled a little but of wrist spin in my time, but reading PitchVision should help.

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    The key thing you need to do is Spin the ball hard. Whenever you can and with anything that you can put in your hand, do so and give it a flick. Use balls, apples, oranges anything. Do it when you're watching the tele, talking to your mates, anytime and anywhere - just have a ball in your pocket and get it out when you're just standing around and give it a big old flick. That'll get your wrist and fingers doing the right stuff and eventually all the other levers - elbows and shoulders.

    Once you've got that sussed hold your arms out in front of your body and using your big flick - flick the ball from your right hand to your left across your body. Do that for a week or so all the time and then add this exercise to it..... Hold your right arm out in front of you with the ball in your hand and using the flick - flick the ball back in towards yourself. Do both these exercises till they become controlled and natural and then use the same flick in your bowling.

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