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Thread: What shots can I play.

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    Icon4 What shots can I play.

    I get really annoyed when a bowler bowls a ball down the legside and it is not a wide.
    Please can someone give advice on what shot to play when this happens. Prefferable good to get runs.

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    Put the foot out to it and leg glance it, if it's short pull it, it's if full from a spinner sweep, and there is your trusty hack which will end up at fine leg more often then cow corner if it's far down leg.

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    Get your head and foot in line with the ball and turn your back foot in so you are on the tip of your toe and hips are squarer. This allows you to flick the ball of your legs between midwicket and square leg if it is a half volley like this:

    If the ball is a good length then glance it off your legs down to fine leg from the same position.

    If the ball is short play back in your creasewith your back foot turned in (facing extra cover) this will open out your hips again so you can flick or glance the ball in the same way.

    If it's a long hop, pull it.
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    Yeah, pretty good advice above me. Just trying to open yourself up a bit when the ball is down leg side, giving yourself access to the ball.

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