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Thread: Cricket Bat Repairs

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    image.jpgHi guys, new to this forum.
    I've got some what looks like cracks running down the grain of my new bat. I'm a little worried, as I've done a full 9 hours knocking in with a ball and sock and then mallets. Does anyone know what they are and what I need to do to them?
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    Just looks like an ordinary bat face to me, nothing to worry about.

    I'd put a clear cover on it and then use it in a game as normal, but that's personal preference.
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    bat repair

    Quote Originally Posted by DCC_legend View Post
    Just wondering about sanding down the face of my bat. I've had a bit of bat tape on the face for just over a year and peeled it off today and the face is now sticky. I want to sand the face down and knock the bat in and re-apply oil to prepare it for this season. What type of sand paper would be best to both smooth the face and give it a nice finish?

    Here is what u can do :
    First of all whenever u need to take down the tape, take it out with the help of an hair dryer, it makes the process easier.
    Next use a good quality thinner to remove stickiness
    Sand the bat a fine sand paper ( p180 -p220)
    Oil the bat (wait for 24-36 hours), with bat face horizontal.
    knock a little
    Apply the anti scuff sheet (if u want)
    Start using the bat again.


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    OK, that's not a problem, I have experienced this myself here is what to do:
    1.First use an hair dryer with setting onm warm air and let the sticky thing become semi liquid.
    2.Now this step wud take a lot of repetition and lots of wrist work, use a shaving blade to very carefully to remove the semi liquid, in between this process u have to use ur nails a bit too as that wud remove the sticky material collected.
    Very carefully perform this step as the blade cud leave marks on the bat or even peel off the wood at the places.
    3.Then use the sand paper 150 and 180) different times to smoothen the surface.
    4.Again repeat the blade peeling process and sand paper effect.
    5. Finally if u r satisfied, then use the sand paper (220) for final touch, this paper will also require lo of hard work, as thi paper is used to smoothen the wood during polish.
    6. Now oil ur bat as required, I u live outside India, u can use bat wax instead of linseed oil, it will give t bat . Fresh new look a shine. Linseed oil will deteriorate the bat after fe uses, but bat wax is the modern excellent option.
    Use a bat tape after a few days.
    Start using ur bat now and enjoy......
    And mate, best of lucks for the matches, may u score more and more runs.......
    Akhil Sharma

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