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Thread: help my bowling action.

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    help my bowling action.

    Iam a right hand fast medium bowler. recently ive notied something unconventional about my bowling action. most of the right handed bowlers jump off their left foot and land on the right foot whereas i jump off and and land both on my right foot. i am entirely comfortabe this way and the other way doesnt seem natural to me.
    do u guys thinks i should change my action or continue this way, please post your views.
    thank you

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    Am I right in thinking it is more of a hop than a jump?
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    yup right .

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    Above you
    You got a video?

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    Try this.

    get a set of fixes stumps and lay them out horizontally ( or get find an obstacle that is about a foot high and fairly narrow). Then try to recreate your hopping motion by stepping up to the stumps with your left foot and launch over the obstacle as you when you are about to bowl a delivery. That might help forcing you land on your right rather than your left foot.
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