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Thread: Coloured cricket pads

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    Coloured cricket pads

    Hey, i was just wondering which is the best way of colouring your WHITE cricket pads? we have to play with coloured cricket clothing from now on, so now we need coloured pads as well. we dont want to buy new ones, too hard too find. so how can u colour them? i know spraying them is an option, but i dont know how effective it is. is there any online stores who offer good pads in various colours? thanks.

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    Buy about 200 litres of Dulux, pour it into a sulo bin, then chuck your pads in for about 30 minutes, then remove and leave to dry in the sun.

    Oh, but you have to listen to I woke up today - Port O'Brien while doing this.

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    My club uses Blue Pads for One Dayers in first grade, we paid around $60 each for them. Got a good deal from Sommers as we bought in bulk (10+)

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    colored pads

    check out Willowizard Australia Premium Cricket Equipment - About Us - Willowizard Australia Cricket bats if you are looking for colored batting or keeping pads.
    available in LE PRO range for first class cricket , or Club PRO range for club level cricket.
    these are also designed with our dual wing system, allowing left and right handers to use the same pads, in turn saving your club from having to purchase left and right hand sets .
    available in all colors. discounts on bulk orders.

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