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Thread: spin bowling problems

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    iv been standing a lot straighter when i bowl last cupple days and iv not felt any twinge in my back as i did before, seems to have improved my accuracy too

    i got to the stage with my legspinner where i was getting bored just bowling the same ball over and over again (caffiene has ruined my attention span) so iv been workin on a googly a lot today, i tried a few different ways of bowling it and the easiest to switch to without losing accuracy is bowling with the same action but bringing my arm over at a different angle, is this likely to be too easy to pick up or is it worth continuing with?

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    good man, nice to see the back pains worked away!

    I would recomend bowling it how you feel comfy and the way you feel is right for you, as we all bowl differenty due to our own preferences and styles.

    I'm sure some will tell you different because I'm the noob around these parts.
    How long do i leave a bat oiled with RAW LINSEED OIL... 24hours or 48 hours... heard different things... leave me a message if you know please!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Bowden View Post
    iv uploaded an incredibly short clip of me bowling in the garden

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    im not sure how much u can really tell from it but seemed worth a go, i really did bowl a ball in the second clip, i cant for the life of me see it in real time but i checked the vid frame by frame just to check i hadnt practiced without a ball and then completely forgotten

    im bowling out the back of the hand but it turns as a legspinner rather than a googly for reasons beyond me

    the main thing im concerned about is i do get slight discomfort in my upper back a few hours after bowling sometimes, this may be normal but i was wondering if theres something obvious i am doing that could lead to injury if i keep bowling in such a way
    Well, it's a bit hard to a lot from that angle. I do notice your front-foot is not braced when it lands. It is collapsed as you land; the knee is bent. It should be straight. I can't tell much else for sure though.

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    Your bowling action is very flawed at the moment, but it's difficult to analyse from such a small clip and from that angle. You need to look at the clips of people like Warne and Terry Jenner that are available on-line. The best on-line video resource I reckon is this from Beau Casson as it shows some really good drills and the analysis of the amatuer bowling is very useful too. YouTube - David Freedman legspin coaching video

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    First thing I would suggest...

    get a haircut!

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    hmmm, aparently monty panesar has that, and he uses the flexibility to bowl doosras occasionly for northants, but the umpires would o**** that as chucking i suppose, especialy for england.

    off spin is easily the easiest skill in cricket, well, finger spin is.

    thats y so many matsmen take it up, so they dont need to work on it much so they can focus on batting.

    if u wer a leftie, id clearly COMMAND you to take finger spin, its a lefties gift, (im a left arm finger spinner) and we have the power to spin the ball AWAY form a right hander wiht not much practice in spinning the ball,

    when i discovered the ease of it a few months ago, i had to check whether id sold my soul to the devil or something to get this beautiful art. its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to do well.

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