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Thread: Batting Problem

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    New to the site and first post so be gentle

    It sounds to me, (picturing it mentally) that it could be a backlift problem. Obviously i've not watched you net so can only speculate, but make sure that your backlift is straight back towards your off stump and not towards gully/slips. The reason i feel it might be backlift related is you say its mainly your drives and forward defenses where your backlift is key.

    If it is off towards slips then it will naturally angle in towards your pads, nothing beats standing infront of a mirror and practicing this.

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    My Backlift is naturally pretty straight. Got out yesterday doing the bottom hand thing, though, it was exaggerated and allowed my bat to come fully across my pads when i should have been playing beside my pad. Have done it before. Really need to get it sorted as my batting has been improving in almost every other area.

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