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    i am a left arm pace bowler but i want to move into left arm spin within a few years.

    But i need some tips, for both left arm orthadox and chinaman. Such as which is more effective? How can i make the most out of each delivery? How can i aviod being slogged? What are the variations and how do i bowl them? Is there any variations that you have come up with that not many people have heard of and how do i bowl them? Where to i pitch each different delivery on the pitch? etc. and any others that you feel i need.

    Im not looking to go into it straight away, but i want to practice for a few years before i take it into a game.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know all that much about left arm spin, but I would hazard a guess that left arm orthodox is more likely to get you wickets than left arm chinaman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxmartin View Post
    i am a left arm pace bowler but i want to move into left arm spin within a few years.
    What has been the problem with your pace?
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    Left arm orthodox is easier and arguably more effective, its why most left armers bowl it.

    But most right handers bowl off spin, which is easier but not as effective as leg spin.

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    You can be effective with both though, and they both have their advantages and disadvantages. I'd say that you should try them both and see which one you're more comfortable with and some people just like bowling leg breaks over off breaks and vice-versa. So keep that in mind when you're making your decision because you're going to be bowling a lot of stock leg breaks or off breaks depending on which one you choose.
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    a fellow cuddy wifter!!! i bowl left arm spin bowling othadox, or as now the ecb tell us, if you are coaching left handed spin bowling, you are to assume you are bowling against a left handed batsman, so now we call it left arm off spin!!!! talk about job creation, anyway, if you can get the ball to straighten, then bowl round the wicket to right handers and try to pitch it on middle and leg, i get mant lbw's with this in mind, but the main secret to me is flight amd mixing your pace up, something our friend panesar severely lacks in my opinion, plus if you are good and get enough revs on the ball, plus a good seam position, drift comes into play, couple that with flight and dip, and hey presto you will be taking wickets for fun, and to answer your question on getting slogged, thats exactly what you want!!!!
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