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Thread: leg break but goes straight

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    Cricket Spectator paddy11's Avatar
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    try just pushing the ball out of the front of your hand without using the wrist. I haven't seen your action so I don't know if its practical for you but give it a try .

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    Are you talking about the slider, or the flipper? They're the only two I can think off. It can't be a top spinner, because the top spinner produces a little amount of legspin.

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    im a Leggie too could u tell me hoew to bowl the googly
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    It sounds to me that if you're just looking to put in a straight ball but disguised as a Leg Break that's as easy as just not using your 3rd finger on the seam so that it spins and maybe be straighten your wrist earlier in the delivery so that the flick doesn't happen as well? But to be honest at club level you'd more than likely get away with bowling seam up. Other people have suggested bowling faster, that'll always descrease the amount of turn you'll get off the wicket. Another idea is to have the ball not so cupped in the hand and more higher up in the fingers. But as straight balls go you need to be thinking in the longer term of learning the Top Spinner and that's been described sufficiently elsewhere. Other than that look at the videos on-line at youtube - the Terry Jenner video and the Shane Warne one with Mark Wosshisface. (Sorry the blokes name escapes me for the minute).

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