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Thread: Home Pitch and or Home practice by yourself?

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    Cricket Spectator MrDucksWorth's Avatar
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    well, I 'used' to Live in Outback South Australia, so i'm probably the closest to being able to do that
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    No place inside the house, so I play in a small park right in front of my house. Mostly it's just me getting humiliated by nine year olds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDucksWorth View Post
    My 'electronics engineering student' friend rekons to get a cheap washing machine and rip the motor out. That should be quiet and cheap.
    And when is goes into the agitate cycle?
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    Melicous? Is that a nasty, yet tasty, comment?

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    How i did it

    Well, what i did is i used my shed to throw the ball up, then hit it at the shed, and when it came back, i would it it again, and again and again a million times. this increased my reflexes and made me ready for practically any ball at short notice.
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