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Thread: Fast V Spin

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    Ive seen others that dont play international do it as well just because people havent seen it doesnt meen it doesnt happen

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    Yeah I know mate playing in the VPL I know what you mean I was just messing with ya
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    Yeah i hoped so but i found bowling them around the legs is pretty fun to do if a little bit hurting in the wrist.

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    Also depends on where you are. On certain pitches, the spinners might get more value. At the international level, fast bowlers tend to trump spinners almost everywhere, but if you're growing up on the subcontinent, the ball will swing for the first eight overs, and then you're cannon fodder, so spin will be more useful in terms of winning a match. Almost everywhere else, fast bowlers will win out.
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    It comes down to the pitches in different countries.

    New Zealand have never had world-class spinners (except for Daniel Vettori, which in itself is arguable whether he is world class) because the pitches in New Zealand are not conducive to spin. Slow, low seaming pitches offer very little for spinners.

    Pitches in the sub continent and to a lesser extent Australia offer big rewards to spinners.
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    As one spinner can bowl 40 overs in the day there is only really need for one, so as seamers can bowl less in a day there is a need for more of them in the side.

    Trying to bowl 90mph is a lot more exciting than spinning it.

    Also bowling seam is easier as you only need a basic action and at an early stage wrist position is easy as it can be adjusted at start of run-up and doesnt need to be twisted in the action so less things to do/think about making it easier

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    I like watching pace bowlers bowling fast and spinners bowling good quality deliveries. The game has a balance, and needs to keep it.

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    What a load of absolute nonesense! The drivel that's been written here is the exact reason that Spin bowling has such bad press. This is hardly what you'd call incentive for kids to become Wrist Spinners for instance, when the whole bloody team including their captain look at it in such a negative way. How crap boring would cricket be if it weren't for the spinners doing their stuff and we just had to watch fast bowlers all day long trying to take people's heads off. Spin has a massive amount to offer the game and kids that want to take it up should take what's written here with a pinch of salt. Yeah it's not easy, yeah and it takes 3 or 4 more times as much practice if not more to get it sussed, but if you can bowl a half decent but accurate Leg Break you're almost guaranteed to be one of the top wicket takers in your team look at this look at the names -

    David Thompson
    Neil Samwell
    Ross Fullbrook
    Alex McLellan
    Callum Sellars
    Wayne Simmonds

    We're all spinners in some matches we play 4 spinners, look at the stats look who's got the best averages and strike rates - Us! The spinners. Neil Samwell for instance took the clubs record for higest ever number of wicket in a year last year and he took it from a bloke that held the record for ages and guess what he was a spinner.

    The basic answer to the question though is that there's a legacy from the 1970's where spin almost disappeared from cricket completely. If it wasn't for Warne it may have well disappeared altogether. Because of Warne there's been a massive increase in the numbers of kids developing an interest in it, but the interest and sustainability of Spin is always threatened by the attitudes of people such as many that have commented on here, there's not enough people that are willing to teach it and pass on the age old secrets for instance who knows of the 'Wrong wrong un' or the Top-Spinning Flipper both of which have almost entirely been lost to History. A lot of commentators and cricket players refute the existence of the basic flipper let alone the fact that it has several variations. All this combines with the fact that kids have such sedentary lives these days and spend a lot of their time playing indoor games where the results of their endeavour are expected quickly and at high speed. The affect therefor is that any kid that reads books such as Peter Philpotts 'The Art of Wrist Spin Bowling' Fails to relate to the fact that if you want to be a Wrist Spinner you've got to put the hours in and you've got to expect it to be hard and therefore they need your support and with your support they will become the asset to your team and game that is possible.

    Rant over.

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