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Thread: Why wont pvc spin

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    Why wont pvc spin

    This is a question that i want to know after i had an argument with my parents
    Will a pvc ball with no seam turn because i can get a leather cricket ball to turn about 40 degrees with my legspin but almost NOTHING with a pvc ball
    Any suggestions?

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    It's because what provides you spin from the leather ball is the gripping of the seam on the pitch. A PVC ball without any stitching/raised seam will just slide straight on when it lands on a hard surface such as turf. That's why bowlers who bowl "flying saucers" with a leather ball don't get any spin, because the ball lands on the face of the ball, reproducing the same effect as bowling with a PVC ball.

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    Plastic balls will spin, but why are you using a plastic ball? But if for some reason you've got to use some kind of plastic ball e.g. cos you're forced to practice on tarmac or concrete your best bet is a dimpled hockey ball as they're the same size and weight. But this is only an option for bowling practice I wouldn't advise hitting one with a bat unless you want the bat to break pretty quickly.

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