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Thread: Converting in the middle

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    Converting in the middle

    Hi guys...a question about the mental side of cricket

    im feeling and looking great in the nets...but im not converting into runs in the middle. I feel good out there, and get myself in, but ive gotten out cheaply the last 3 weeks for under 10 runs. i feel my form is good atm but i just cant put it together in the middle.

    How do you guys approach your innings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quigley View Post

    How do you guys approach your innings?
    Apart from getting off the mark, I try not to think of my score. Try to concentrate on the process of batting rather than results. Get things right on a ball to ball basis rather than looking ahead to what I can do.

    I also look to score at a run a ball and look to dominate. However, I look to score heavily in certain areas and certain shots and if the bowler isnt giving those opportunities I try and be more patient.

    My main 2 areas for failure are trying to manufacture shots and thinking too far ahead.
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    my approach is simple - defend the good balls, hit the bad balls.

    I got 100 not out doing that last season.

    Also if you're not in form just remember what Barry Richards says - "see the ball, hit the ball"

    just watch the ball and hit it, the old KISS theory, Keep It Simple Stupid.(thats not an insult)

    McGrath says the less complicated you make things, the less things can go wrong.

    Also the best practise is middle practise. Just stay in if you are low on form, unless it's a crucial game where you have to get 10 runs an over.

    You can bat in the nets all you want, but when you get out into the middle it's a completely different thing.

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    when i was batting, if i opened i used to love taking the first ball. get it out on to the middle of the deck and just feel it out of the screws early. watch the bowlers are watch the ball onto the bat. you dont have to go out swinging from ball dot, build a nice innings, but keep your confidence. time in the middle is getting your form back. punish the bad balls, you must as when i was bowling and i bolwed a widish or bad ball and the batsmen struggled i gain all the confidence i needed as a bowler to think this guy is struggling, then the mind games come into it.'

    when your batting take it all in, dont get agro and if they are sledging let them get to you. i used to love when they where giving me stick, just agree with them and lught it off, nothing gets them pissed off even more was if they are trying to sledge you, your enjoying your time out there and even better the runs are flowing.

    if you play and miss at a few, dont worry we all do and will continue to, just keep concentrating, one thing i used to do and was always good at it was to count my runs, some say a bad idea as you know when the nervous 90's are etc but i used to be able to build an innings in blocks of ten. get to ten right start again, back on zero, and you do it that way and bfefore you know it your 30 or 40 and feeling brilliant. but just enjoy have fun and give it to them, before you know it they wont be sledging you buddy, they will be sledging each other.
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    With the bat I've found it best to just keep things as simple as possible on match day, dont overcomplicate things. Dont let technical issues (is my weight transfer right, should my backlift be I walking too far across, etc) cloud your mind, the nets is the time for that sort of thing. Just watch the ball, let nothing else cross your mind. And remember no matter how stodgy you're looking then aslong as you're still out there you're still in with a shot.

    I've seen plenty of players in grade cricket who are what you describe, they look excellent in the nets yet they very rarely make a meaningfull contribution in the middle. I think alot of the time its a confidence issue, the fear of failure in a match situation stopping the player from playing in a natural, uninhibited manner as he does in the nets. I've also seen a couple of instances of players particularly in the lower grades who have a sound defence and they hit the ball wonderfully, look a million dollars in the nets, yet they dont turn it on in the games and the reason is that they dont know how to get singles, it can be a real skill and some players get to FC level before they truly master it. Being able to rotate strike and prevent pressure build up without much risk can really get you into an innings.

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    To start my innings especially at the start of the season...

    I pick 3 shots...

    Usually my best 3 being the cut, the pull and the clip off the legs. I only play these 3 until I feel I am in some sort of form and then I start opening up a bit.

    Really helps me.

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    you play the cut shot early in your innings?

    that shot is an easy way to get out if you havent gotten your eye in.

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    No point playing the cut shot on the wickets in the Cotswolds.
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