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Thread: Pet Hates

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    Quote Originally Posted by open365 View Post
    The class distinction between the 1st team and everyone else.

    Like at nets, no first teamer will ever bowl in any other team's lane, and once the batsmen have finished batting they just sit down and don't repay the favour by bowling at others. Added on top of that they think they can just **** off at the end and not pay their fees.

    I once got a bollocking by the second team captain because i wouldn't play on Sunday (i'm a 4th teamer and no where near good enough to play) when they were short. I pointed out to him that the only reason he wanted me to play was because the rest of the 2nd team were too lazy so he could go stuff himself.
    Yeah agree with that. Basically anyone who bats in nets and then doesn't bowl, gets me really pissed off sometimes.
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    me and many other players get annoyed when some c graders bowl at us.

    not the bowlers but the ones there to fill in the numbers who bowl down the leg side more often than not, giving me no practise at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixFire View Post
    Yeah agree with that. Basically anyone who bats in nets and then doesn't bowl, gets me really pissed off sometimes.
    That is annoying, and at my club it seemed to be solely the domain of the batsmen. As a bowler, it was hard to get any batting practice at all cause you'd go in last and no-one could be bothered. Either that, or when you're in there they think they'll try to spend the whole afternoon taking your head off. They bought in a new system in the end where you batted in the order you turned up, but it still didn't stop guys from pissing off after they'd had their turn.

    The only reason I didn't bowl to people in 3rd or 4th grade most of the time was because there was a bit of a difference in levels and if you hit one of the 4th graders and you're a 1st grade bowler you usually don't have too many excuses. I'd bowl in two nets to 1sts and 2nd graders and if a 3rd or 4th grader wanted me to bowl at them I would. Of course, you can slow down and bowl a few, but I was there to practice what I do too so 2 hours of slow doesn't really help.
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