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Thread: Fielding Drills

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    Fielding Drills

    Following on from Goughy's very helpful cut shot drill, I'm looking for some fielding drills to break the monotony of pre-season practice.

    We're looking to kick off early July to get a good pre-season in, but as every one knows those sessions can drag out a bit.

    Can anyone point to some good coaching sites (which are preferably free) or some publications to assist?

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    Thanks mate. They're all good ones to use.

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    We use this thing called Dice 6 which is good for backing up and throwing at stumps.

    I did an awful MS Paint diagram of it, but it should do

    The Red Crosses are people, the Black arrows are the direction that the people run in, and the blue lines are the direction that the ball goes in. The thing in the middle is the stump.

    Basically you have 12 people around a rectangle, and three balls operating. They each throw at the stumps, and then move around, and the person opposite backs up.

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    A fielding drill we have before matches is everyone gets in a line and a person hits the ball at someone it keeps you guessing and is valuable practise especially before a cricket match.
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    Was going to say that Jack is the man to ask about these sort of things, but he got in there first. Some really good drills there.
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