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Thread: If you could get some coaching ... who would you get it from?

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    Batting: Kallis
    Bowling: Lillee
    Fielding: Ponting
    Captaincy: Benaud
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    Kohli. Do something in test cricket for once please.


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    Three choose themselves for me, but fielding is harder. Rhodes is probably the best I've seen, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'd be the best coach. It's probable he was just a supremely gifted athlete.

    Batting: Geoffrey Boycott
    Bowling: Dennis Lillee (I'm a pish seamer...)
    Captaincy: Mike Brearley (would love to have spoken to DR Jardine too tho)
    Fielding: Mike Young (not an international cricketer, but Australia's fielding went to pot when he got the heave-ho)
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    Sydney, Australia
    Batting: Sunil Gavaskar
    Bowling: Dennis Lillee
    Fielding: Jonty Rhodes
    Captaincy: Saurav Ganguly or Steve Waugh
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    Batting :- G Vishwanath/Azharuddin
    Bowling:- W Akram
    Fielding:- Rhodes
    Captaincy:- Dont need one.

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    Batting: Rahud Dravid
    Bowling: Wasim Akram
    Fielding: Jonty Rhodes
    Captaincy: Imran Khan

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    Batting: Sir Geoff - Who else. The greatest batting mind in the world

    Bowling: Ntini - I bowl very similar too him but I am a lazy so and so. We could exchange notes and he can show me his fitness regime and emphasise hard work

    Fielding: Sir Geoff - Was a bad fielder early in his career who made himself through hardwork and practice a very good one. Jonty could not explain things as they came to easily and natural too him. "for this exercise you dive 4m, bounce up and throw the stumps down from your knees. OK Go!"

    Captaincy: Brearley - We come from different backgrounds and generations and he would be able to look at things from a alternative POV and help me to think about different aspects of the game.
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    Batting: Geoff Boycott
    Bowling: Troy Cooley
    Fielding: Gary Prat
    Captaincy: Mike Brealey

    I'm suprised so many people have ignored the current coaches and gone for the best players, no offence meant to the guy, but i don't think Kallis would give the best batting advice.

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    Batting: Tendulkar: No explanation needed

    Bowling: Warne: It was between Warne and McGrath/Lilee, but McGrath would be like 'See that spot over there? I'll put a dime on that, and your job is to hit it 100 times in a row. I'm going for a beer, have fun." And Lilee would be, "See that fellow with the pads and the bat standing over there? Here's how you hit him thirty different ways without getting in trouble"

    Fielding: Rhodes (hard choice): I agree that he was just an exceptionally gifted athlete, and not necessarily a great coach...but I don't know that for sure, so it has to go to him.

    Captain: Imran Khan (easy choice): No explanation needed

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    I wouldn't want to be coached by a batsman or a fielder who was naturally gifted, whereas with a bowler I think its different and a naturally gifted bowler would work, though I can't really explain why.

    Batting: Geoff Boycott, despite not being the biggest fan of the guy or his commentary.
    Fast Bowling: Holding or Imran (Tough to choose, they both look like they would teach very well)
    Spin bowling: Warne seeing as I'm a leg spinner and I've never seen a leg spinner even come close to him.
    Fielding: Sachin. He's remarkably good in the field (and often goes unnoticed) yet not as naturally gifted a fielder such as a Symonds or Jonty or Yuvraj or Ponting or whomever. I feel he'd teach the basics very well.
    Captaincy: Imran or Taylor, tough choice.
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    Sep 2002
    Leeuwarden, Netherlands
    Batting - Bob Woolmer
    Bowling - Allan Donald
    Fielding - Jonty Rhodes
    Captain - Steven Fleming
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    Batting: Boycott
    Bowling: Cooley
    Fielding: Penney
    Captaincy: Brearley
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    Melbourne, Australia
    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby
    Fielding: Mike Young (not an international cricketer, but Australia's fielding went to pot when he got the heave-ho)
    Can't believe I missed that one. Definently agree here, best going about.

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    Batting: Matthew Hoggard - he is my batting idol
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