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Thread: Pak fastbowlers recalled he memories of 90s

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    Pak fastbowlers recalled he memories of 90s

    Yesrerday,after a long time Pak fast bowler made batsmen down to their knee.It was truly enjoyble to me.Md.Amir bowled the superb yorker to Killer Miller.To me it was one of the best deliveries bowled in 2017.Yesterday,they have shown the perfect length to bowl at English condition;full length & again it is proved that,yorker deliveries are more effective than modern slowers,if it is placed with perfection.

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    Yeah there is nothing like the raw thrill of fast bowling. I remember Akhtar lighting up the stadium during an IPL game. Never seen Eden cheer for a player like that.

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    You don't need to create a thread for every time you want to post. Find a relevant thread and post it there please
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    Yes, as above. We have a separate thread for each group and game, use them instead please.

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