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How is Bangladesh an easy beat opponent in ODIs?? If so, then so is New Zealand, and so is Pakistan, West Indies, Sri Lanka

In your mind you are carrying the entire history of Bangladesh when you are assessing how they are NOW.. or how they have performed in recent years in One-day games.

Truth is that Bangladesh's regularly been beating top ODI sides in the last few years.. Fact is that they are NO longer any worse than the teams above (roughly speaking).

-India lost their bi-lateral series 2-1 to them after 2015 World Cup
-Pakistan lost 3-0 to them
-South Africa too lost a series.
-They have consistently knocked out established teams in ICC tournaments because they have out-performed the "preconceived" (so called) top sides!
-They almost knocked out India in India in group stage of last years T20 world cup, beaten by 1 run..
-They have made Asia Cup finals in recent years i.e. they have finished at least 2nd best among all Asian teams.

These are the FACTS! They are no longer a minnow in ODIs/limited overs. If they are, then same applies to NZ, West Indies etc.
(They have beaten NZ in 2 consecutive games now (away from home).. last game in Ireland & now in champions trophy)

-Bangladesh is ranked 6th in ODIs or maybe Sri Lanka has gone past.. Pakistan is 8th, West Indies 9th.

I fail to see HOW they are an easy beat opponent. If they are, then they are as easy as Sri Lanka (who beat India) or Pakistan.. (who India thrashed) and one of these two teams will face England in the other semi-final.. how lucky are England to get an easy beat 7th/8th ranked side in the semis, direct ticket to finals.
Watching C9 cricket coverage is the cricketing equivalent of Fox News coverage of world politics - you get a very narrow view of what happens outside. So yeah Bangladesh and Kenya are kinda same - minnows and playing to make up the numbers