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Thread: Australian Squad Discussion

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    Alternatively score 350 or more.
    Quote Originally Posted by Athlai View Post
    Jeets doesn't really deserve to be bowling.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
    in the future where we're all social justice-y Cribb can ride down the street to pick up some raw milk from Coles on a motorised esky while smoking meth, firing an RPG into the air, and carrying the case of British-import Stella he's polygamously (and privately) married alongside a genderfluid Zambian businessperson and a coke-snorting 18-year-old cyborg girl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeeGee View Post
    Do things such as the England series last February not count?

    Anyhoo... my prediction was dead on. Guptill failed in the last ODI and NZ lost.
    Gautam pls.

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